Good business writing is a science. That science is called clarity, and it has three fundamental principles:

Clarity of thought
You don’t have to say it all; you just have to say enough so that your reader can come away with a reasonably informed view. Learn how to focus your thinking on what matters.


Clarity of expression
How do you express your thoughts clearly on the page? Sure, you must use short, plain language; but there’s far more to it than that. Learn the critical techniques that make key points stand out for easy reading.

Clarity of presentation
Even a great document might not be read if it is not attractively presented. Learn how to make a document visually appealing and easy on the eye.


Who for            Anybody who writes as part of their job 

Where               At your company premises

How long          3 hours

Class size          14 people max

Price per class   - South Africa: R15 000

                           - UK:                 £2 200   

                           - Europe:          €2 500

                           - Middle East:  $2 800

                           - Asia:                $2 200