Business-writing workshop (3 hrs)
Forget about email writing or report writing; it’s all just writing – and it’s either clear or unclear. Learn the fundamentals of clarity.

Does it look good?
Presentation is the shop-window of your document, and determines whether the reader “comes inside”. Learn how to make your writing user-friendly and inviting.


Is it easy to get through?
The acid test of good writing is whether it can be read at a glance. Learn how to keep it short, make your point upfront and let your key arguments stand out.

Do I understand the content?
Your writing must seek to inform, not impress. Learn how to use short, plain language that is grammatically correct, and free of jargon and buzzwords.


Who for            Anybody who writes as part of their job 

Where               At your company premises

How long          3 hours

Class size          12 people max

Price per class   - South Africa: R12 000                                          
                           - Middle East:  $2 800

                           - Europe:          €2 500