Better reports lead to better business decisions. Your first challenge, however, is to get people to actually read them.

Many reports get bogged down in detail because they try to cover too much ground. Learn to build your report around a tightly focused theme, so that it ends up being much shorter.

Easier to get through

A report whose key points cannot be taken in at a glance is unlikely to be read. Learn how to optimise a report from the ground up for easy reading, from the cover and the title to the chapters and graphics.

More attractively presented
Many reports are visually ugly, with unreadable text and complex graphics. Learn how to make your report visually attractive so that people might actually want to read it.

It’s not unusual for departments that have attended this session to throw out their old report templates and design a new one based on these principles.


Who for            Anyone who writes reports as part of their job

Where               At your company premises

How long          2 1/2 hours

Class size          14 people max

Price per class   - South Africa: R12 000

                           - UK:                  £2 000
                           - Europe:          €2 200

                           - Middle East:  $2 500

                           - Asia:                $2 000